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Online Courses for CXC-CSEC Students
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Register a subscription and access our Online Course Centre; this contains online questions, interactive media. CXC-CSEC students can access online materials (revision modules, online courses and educational resources) to assist them with studying. Our online courses provide users with a stimulating learner environment. Courses are accessible from Windows (computers/tablets), Apple iPads and Android tablet devices. The CXC-CSEC subjects which are available on Exam Lessons include Mathematics, English Language, Electronic Document Preparation and Management (EDPM), Information Technology (IT), Economics, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business (POB), Office Administration, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human and Social Biology, Integrated Science, Geography and Social Studies.

An Online Subscription provides 1 Year of full access to all Online Courses

Online Course Categories:

  • Revision for CXC-CSEC Course Series
  • Information Technology for CXC-CSEC
  • Microsoft Office Tutorial Series

Features of the course centre include online questions, multimedia content, document downloads, curriculum management and interactive learning modules.